Monday, March 28, 2005

I can't get behind that.

Recently I listened to William Shatner's new album "Has Been".

I'm not going to claim that William Shatner was a great actor, but there have been far worse, I'm not going to ignore his horrible past in music, but I have to be honest and admit that I really liked some of the songs on this album. Particularly "I can't get behind that" and his cover of "Common people". Remembering his past in music, I wasn't expecting much from this album, but I was surprised when I heard it. I liked it.

I visited some forums where people were almost warring back and forth claiming that he was a hack, some claiming that he was a Genious. One even made a comment that anyone who buys this album should be shot. Come on people, Seriously, if someone releases music you don't like, DON'T LISTEN TO IT! Why are you polluting this world with comments like that? If you are really so angry with the artist, claming he's horrible for releasing this junk to the world, then why are you releasing even WORSE junk to the world by saying horrible things like that? I have an idea, Find your OWN talent, and release something better, and when your interviewed on Jay leno, or your favorite talk show, and they ask you what fueled you to create such great music, THEN you can say that you really didn't appreciate what William Shatner did and you fealt that since it was so horrible and still made it big, that it would be easy for you. No? What do you mean no? Oh, I see, You don't have enough talent to write anything better. Then who the hell are you to criticise what he's releasing?

If you really think he's so bad for releasing junk, His "Junk" was enjoyed by at least a portion of the audience out there, myself included. Your distasteful comments, however, are not enjoyed, by anyone, probably not even by you. Now, I DO try to release music, and I try to do a good job, no, I try to do a GREAT job, but I'm still learning, and things are still in the process of improveing. (hence why you don't see my discs in music stores yet). I'm constantly warned that if/when I ever make it into the music industry that there will always be people who insult you silly just because they don't like you. I know that this will happen, and I can take it, but I still can't understand why people MUST insult people silly. I CAN'T GET BEHIND THAT!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Music

Quite a few of the people I talk to know that I write music, some people act amased that music can be written so easilly (Should I be offended?). But it in some aspects it's harder then it looks, and in some aspects it's easier then you'd think.

Usually when composing a song, I first load up FruityLoops (my software of choice) and begin plugging in instruments, creating patterns that both sound good, and match my mood. Then when I have a number of patterns lined up, I begin playing them out with each other to ensure they match up, and changing them till they sound great.

When I feel as though I have something that sounds like a song, I save it, and then export it as a Wave file. I close Fruity loops and load up Cool Edit Pro. With this software I begin tweaking the sound, filtering, and ultimatly mastering my song. I then save it as a final wave (songname_mastered.wav) and also save the MP3 file.

Finally, I edit the MP3 file's ID3 tag to reflect the accurate song name, artist name, album name, creation year, and placeing my website in the comments field. I then post the file to my website ( and presto!

Another form of expression I enjoy, but am not as good at is photography and Photoshopping. One way I express the few talents I have in this field are thru my album covers, although I don't think they are spectacular, they are mine. I also plan soon to create an album cover in Computer graphics, as I enjoy that as well.

I feel as if I am rambling. So I'll let you be the judge.