Friday, December 07, 2007

Interesting Thoughts

It's been a while since I updated this blog, And in the absence of some legitimate content to post, I thought I'd throw up some little tidbits, annoyances, rants, and Ideas I've accumulated.

1. Of all the people out there, you'd think Santa would be able to afford LASIK eye surgery, The guy's been wearing glasses for a very long time.

2. In today's world of Technology, are there really so many people out there who - when asked to point to their computer - still point to the monitor and not the computer itself? (Oh so THAT's what that boxy thingy under my desk was)

3. Why is it that fast food resteraunts don't serve normal food during breakfast menu hours? there are about 5 common allergies I can think of that any one of them blacklists the entire breakfast menu. If you walked into your favorite department store that had a TODAY ONLY sale on several new products, however you wanted to buy batteries, or perhaps some other normal item. Now how would you feel if they said "I'm sorry, but during the sale dates, you can only buy products on sale", Doesn't make sence does it?

4. On the subject of Fast food, Why is it the best foods that any resteraunt releases, are always temporary and don't stay. This is mrely an example but I hold up the Bourbon Chicken at Subway restaurants. This was FANTASTIC! Yet they had it only as temporary. I can understand in the case of seasonal foods, but the McRib from Mcdonalds, the Bourbon chicken, and many other great food items that I would regularly purchase, are only temporary. I find no end of annoyance with this.

5. Why do some people using MSN messanger so badly overuse the Emoticon feature (adding every dumb little one they ever see) to the point where no one can ever read anything they try and say.

6. Life isn't always fair. This is a true statement, but it's far over used to the point of ignoring legitimate issues that are out there. Just because life isn't always fair, doesn't mean that person A has any less of a right to eat, to human rights, to that opportunity, then person B. Albeit true that not everyone can win the lottery, or get the opportunity that your friend got, but still, there are far too many cases where this phrase is used as a cop-out of facing the real issue.

7. So your depressed, why? because you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Tough, I know a guy who lives on the streets, has no money, no girlfriend, is frozen, and lives off the coins tossed to him. Wait a minute, does this make your problem go away? does it make you feel any more loved or cared for to know that someone else is worse off? No, it doesn't does it. Just like saying that there are people half way across the world that are starving, does NOT make you any less hungry now. A lot of people like to unreasonably diminish the importance of a legitimate problem just because a worse one exists and/or has been survived. It's worthy to note that people have also died of far lesser problems. So stop compareing the problems of a friend, to the problems of someone worse off, and take a serious look at your friend's problems. These problems are very real and need be addressed. And if your the type to say "well, life isn't always fair", see rant #6.

8. Humor, Laughter is the best medicine. Yet so few people these days seem willing to laugh, or jest at one another. I can take a passive insult that is meant to be funny, and not meant as a serious attack. I seem - in this respect - to be of a dieing breed. I'm not saying I go around jokingly insulting people, but I notice how easilly offended so many people are and it worries me. The only valid explanation I can find is that our lives are filling with so much stress these days. the problem with that answer is, that humor is one of the best releifs to said stress, if you can't take the time to laugh at some of these things, then guess what, you need to take a good hard look at your life and see if what you are doing is really worth it. If not, take the time to laugh. take some of the things coming at you with humor, laugh at it. you might be surprised how much better you feel.

That's all for now, I don't wish to seem irrevocably negative...after all...I'm trying to be a happy person.