Tuesday, December 14, 2004


When one begins to peel away the layers of their mind when they are bored one night and have nothing better to do, you can create environments that fool you into feeling spiritual, euphoric, nostalgic, or pretty any way you would like. Many people interpret this as a vision, or some other type of legendary folklore, however it is my beleife that this is simply one of the mechanisms in our own mind at work. When you dig into your mind trying to figure out who you are, you mind might not have an answer, so it begins ramdomly throwing stimulus at you to see what you persue and what you discard, hopeing that you can discover what you like and what you don't about your own personality. I beleive that most of the confusion in today's youth could be easilly attributed to the under development of this mechanism.

Many religeous groups in the past have attempted to explore this idea, however they always apply their own templates of what the outcome should be, therefor forcing a certain type of influence on something that should be free to form on it's own. If somoene is more adept to technology then the amish would be detrimental to the development of this person, vice versa if someone was naturalistic and they were being influenced by a group of geeks, then this would be equally detrimental. It is my beleif that people should be free to explore this part of themselves on their own, with no outside influence, other then the support of their friends, familly, and loved ones.

I do not beleive that this particular part of our mind either contributes nor takes away from any spiritual belif system as it's something that our minds have developed to help us define who we are when we have completed the changes of puberty and growth. This is nothing more then a subconsious method of self-development and life-span evolution.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Internal Combustion Brain.

A lot of people these days (and perhaps it's been going on for a long time, and I'm simply noticing it more) love to use unfair and innacurate generalisations to accuse huge groups of people for one or a few people's mistakes. The most recognisable of these are woman saying "All men are....." and the equivilant men saying "All women are.....". The more I hear of these kinds of gross generalisations, the more disgusted with humanity I become. People treat each other unfairly all the time, but to treat everyone unfairly, all at the same time, and insult them, bash them, and be generally rude, demeans the person uttering the generalisation.

Using the above example, I can understand people who just had a relationship problem being upset, perhaps they were treated unfairly, or worse, cheated on. But that is no excuse for calling every member of the opposite gender an insulting name simply because one of them (and perhaps more in the past) have caused them a problem. how do they know that because mr A, mr B, and mr C all cheated on them, that mr X will do the same, for all they know, Mr X will be the sweetest guy alive. he might be the same, he might be even worse, you just don't know. And the only real differences (other then the obvious biological differences) between men and women, are ones created by what is considered socialy acceptable.

If men were raised to play with barbie dolls and to love pink colors, and all women raised to enjoy sports, wrestling, and fighting. Then that's the way it would be. None of these activities are particularly masuline or femenine, it's just that more men are raised to like certain things, and more women raised to like others. I personally see nothing wrong with women enjoying anything men enjoy, or the vice versa, in fact I don't label ANY activity as masculine or femenine. Although I do admit to a few things I submit to, such as a "Guys night", and that I tend to shy away from some femenine activities, not because I don't want to look (and I hate the term used so stereotypically) "Gay" (and I'm as straight as they come, though, I have nothing against gay people) but, moreso because that's how I was raised, it's what I'm used to, and those things tend not to interest me thus.

Gender issues aside, there are also people who love to jump in and insult someone without bothering to think, or use any part of their brain other then the part that assembles speech patterns and/or typing abilities. The sort of people who would reply to this with "Your Gay", or who jump in chat rooms insulting random people for no reason. You can sit there and think "Yeah, I hate those people" but you yourself are one of them. Mind you your probably not as bad, but how many times have you ridiculed someone because they disagreed with you, or because you thought you were right, and turned out to be wrong. I'm not saying you shouldn't defend yourself, but greater care should be taken to keep to the defensive and completly get rid of the offensive tendancies we have. But if you remember only one part of what I've typed here, remember this. NO MORE UNFAIR GENERALISATIONS JUST BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE UPSET, I plead with you as a fellow member of the human race. and in case you beleive I'm making a generalisation by saying everyone makes generalisations. Well, putting aside that it's psychologically proven that we all do, even me, I am simply pleading with those who do it moreso then others.