Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Music alters your mind.

Weather your listning to your favorite song, standing in en elevator listning to your least favorite song, or even Writing a song. Music affects us all in discernable ways. I was just perusing my Winamp playlist when I came acrost some music files lingering on my hard drive that I hadn't listened to since I was 9. I loaded them up and experienced a few moments of pure nostalgia. The wonderfull feeling of being that young again, and remembering what it was like to have no worries beyond "what to sneak into shool tomorrow".

I write my own music under the name "DJ D-Nyed" and I'm always looking to create a new and/or interesting way to create an emotion in a listner. I've been succesfull so far in making my listners feel annoyed, or bored, but I'd much rather give them some of the feelings I have when writing music. To me my music reminds me of both a longing sensation, seeking out something that I may never have, and a sence of energy. Energy isn't always that difficult, all you need is a good beat, and something that fits well to it. But creating that sence of longing isn't always so easy.

Have you ever been just listning to the radio, or walking thru the mall, and hear a song that used to be an old favorite, and that you haven't heard in years, and for that simple fact alone it strikes an emotion into you, like memory. Here's an experiement you can try at home. Find a song that you used to love, if possible, one that you even used to obsess over. It MUST be a song that you haven't heard in a long long time, download this song and play it thru, see what it does to you. The younger you were the last time you heard it, the more profound the effect.

I'm always very interested in "How-To" create emotions thru music. I've learned all the "Classical" ways of doing so, but with the ever increasing popularity of electronic music, rap, and other contemporary forms of music, I'm constantly seeking new ways. I do prefer the instrumental over lyrical, but if anyone has any comments to aid me in my education, please feel welcome to contribute.