Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I really hate winter

I really hate winter.

I know it has christmas, and I'll admit I love christmas, but honestly, I could use with less snow and more warm summer days (& nights). Summer has a few pitfalls, like no ice skateing, sweat, bugs, and lazyness.

What's the worst thing summer brings, sunburns, you can still get those in the winter, it's just harder, The bugs don't all go away, SOME MOVE INTO YOUR HOME, You can still go skateing indoors (or just go rollerbladeing almost anywhere). Lazyness can be even worse if you have to dress into 15 layers of clothing and jacket before leaving the home. Winter brings, coldnes, colds, ice, snow, jackets, boots, lack of swimming, reduced transportation area (for those who don't drive), less social activity, less outdoor fun, more being cooped up indoors, shoveling the driveway, snowbanks, reduced visibility, unsave driving, more expenses on cabs/speedy/bus, numb skin, cold sweats, soggy socks, no camping, no fun in the rain, less stars (more overcast), dead grass, nasty looking trees, no going out late at night when your bored for a warm walk...wherever, salt stains, muddy carpets, sleet, slush, high puddles, dirt where the snowbanks thaw, dead outdoor plants, no outdoor nature, closed parks, less fireworks, frozen snot, cold wetness everywhere, wet muddy footsteps in every mall and theater, constantly taking your jacket on and off, no biking/rollerblading/skateboarding, no campfires, no BONFIRES, less outdoor sports, more need for sunglasses as a dimmer then as a fasion statement, more money spent on having food deliverd rather then just going out, no Barbaque, less backyard fun, less outdoor play, scrapeing ice off your car, kicking snow off your shoes, less boating, no sandles, no flowers, cold breathing, no themeparks, no water fights, talking on a cellphone in the cold is a pain, filming is difficult, hydro/gas to heat your apartment/home (many people forget this and only think air conditioners are expensive to run), freezing rain, car spinouts, frequent accidents on highways, lonely valentines day, arctic winds, windchill, endless TV Re-reuns, slippery sidewalks, slippery steps, no eating ouside, no picknicks, really bad christmas specials, and I JUST WANT SOME WARMTH!

In summary: I really hate winter.