Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Time has Passed.

I have spent a great amount of time away from this blog. Why? well, despite popular rumor, I have a life. Nonsense you say? You might be right. Though considering the lack of comments on this blog, I doubt anyone knows, let alone cares that I've not posted in a long while.

Moving forward, I'm planning to rebirth this blog. To continue to rant about the little things I find annoying and amusing in life. And to begin, here's a little one.

Something the other day that caught my ear, and both amused, and annoyed me, was the terrible use of our English language in television commercials. I'm not talking about grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or simple perfectionist draws like that (I'm not perfect, no one is, and I'm not arrogant enough to expect every mistake I see as grounds to have someone fired or berated). No I'm speaking of the blatant oxymoronic self conflicting statements.

To give examples of what I mean, I saw a commercial the other day where they were advertising a Sci-Fi television show, I like this show, but the commercial contained a line like the following "An uninhabited planet where our hero is being chased by the natives" Granted it's not word for word, but it does convey an uninhabited planet, with inhabitants. This is similar to saying "An empty box containing things".

I'm also amused by how many product commercials call their product "the most popular" or "posatively the best". While I understand these are perceptive terms - which absolves the marketing agency of any requirement to verify this - The term is becoming so overused it has become meaningless. When everything is the best, nothing is.

There is also a growing ratio of television commercials for products that don't even remotely do what the commercial portrays. I'm not talking about poor quality product that doesn't do "as good a job as on TV" or the burger that "isn't as stacked with toppings as on tv", I'm talking about commercials where your car is leaping small buildings, breaking into blobs of molten metal, beating up other cars, then parking itself, all on $0.30 of gas. The Pizza pockets that explode with enough force to propell a buick over your house, or otherwise kill you with one bite, The game peices that talk, the bad breath that follows you in the form of tiny computer graphic food items, and the insurance gekko that never does any actual work (apart from staring at a screen and talking about himself).

Am I really so obsessed with these things that I need to rant about them? heck no, I don't "Need" to do this, I just wanted to, and you wanted to read it, else you wouldn't have come here and made it this far. If you agree, leave a comment, if you disagree, leave a comment, if your a troller and just want to spark some anger, go away.

Have fun!