Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Few Changes.

Since my last devastating break up...Where I discovered I was being cheated on, lied to, repeatedly...and so on...(that's another story that I'm not going to get into). I've decided to change a few things about my personality. I'll admit I've been a bit insecure, and a bit of a depressed & damaged "poor me" kind of guy. I've always hated it, but I've never really done much to change it because I've always justified it with "It's not my fault, THEY cheated on me, and that's never right" Which of course is absolutely true. It DOES and is supposed to hurt when you get cheated on, and if you don't care that someone cheats on you, or with you, then your not much of a mann now are you. (That or you don't care because your just as likely to cheat on them...like some people).

But getting to the point, I've come to realise that as much as it's not my fault that I got that way, it IS my fault that I let myself STAY that way. So I'm therefor changing some of my attitude's towards life. Professionaly I will pretty much be the same, since I always do amazing there. I'm going to start beleiving in myself more, because although I'm not the hottest guy out there, I'm not ugly, and I can be very sweet. I'm not going to adopt the perspective of "taking what I can get", I'm going more for a "Taking what I want so long as it's not already taken" attitude. I'm going to try to be more outgoing, I've already been doing this and I'm having more fun. And people seem to be having more fun with me when I'm around. I love this. So I encourage people to meet me, and enjoy the benefits of having me around. Otherwise YOU are missing out.

- The Steven. (A.K.A. DJ D-Nyed)