Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A poem (my 32nd)

A world, Set apart, as in one's own mind
To see things, and want things, that you may never find
the desire, in mind, can drive you insane
so completly, and fillingly, from the all the pain.

A world, Set apart, to see things a little different
to be at war, with one's self, never quite content
the purile pain, eating away, at my soal
as if to bring my death, was the absolute goal

A world, Set apart, but always the same
never quite alone, but so far from fame
But there is a point, to this endless debate
to make someone happy, even if for you, it brings hate.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

What the internet is

A large number of people look at the internet and all they think of is Web pages and Web sites, maybe Instant messangers as well, but what few people realise is that HTML, MSN, AIM, YAHOOIM, ICQ, IRC, all these are merely one portion of what the internet itself has to offer.

Forexample, There is a slightly depreciated group of systems called FTP & TELNET (ammong others) which allow direct file exchange, as well as direct text communication, now this has been automated by instant messangers, and CGI/ASP/PHP based HTML File sharing sites, however they still exist as a simpler and more efficiant way to get that done.

The internet itself, the root component that makes it work, is a language called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). Now what this does take any information intended to leave one computer and enter another, and perform that task. TCP/IP uses IP addresses to decide where it's coming from, where it's going to, and what computers it must pas thru in order to get there. In short an IP address is just like a phone number, in order to call a phone, you must know it's phone number, in order to send information directly to a computer (using TCP/IP alone) you must know it's IP address.

Here is an example: A phone number: (905) 555-1212 An IP address:

Now the internet has been automated with services intended to make this simpler such as DNS (Domain naming system) which replaces that number, with a .com (or .ca, .org, .net, ...) and there for you only need to memorise instead of But as you can see, none of this has anything to do with web pages, or web sites.

The basis for the internet is not a way for people to access a web page, or run a web site, the internet is simply the tool being used, for example, the telephone system is most popularly used for people to call one another, but we also use it to connect to the internet, to send a fax, to send an SMS message from our cellphone, and many more purposes. Although the Telephone was INTENDED for voice, it is used for many things, the Internet however was simply intended as a means to get data from one point to another.

Having said this I'm not trying to point out that there is anything wrong with HTML, web pages or web sites, far from it, I love them! I run quite a few myself, but what I'm trying to say is that that's not all the internet is, for example, E-Mail is another service I haven't touched upon. Net2phone has made placing a phone call possible using your computer. Kazaa, Morpheus, Imesh, Grokster, Bearshare, EMule, ScourExchange and Napster were only the most popular of programs intended to share music.

Knowing this, it also brings a bigger question to mind, What's next?