Friday, June 12, 2009

Annoyances and Delights

I have been annoyed by a few small things lately, but generally in a great mood, despite being out of work and nearly penny less.

I'll start with the bad so I an end on a good note.

Have you ever had a girlfriend, or close friend who likes to visit others, and take hours there when they say they will only be 15 minutes or so? Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with my "friend" wanting to spend hours at her moms, No problem at all, It's her mom! But I know, and she knows, she won't be 15 minutes, so why bother to say it? With that, you can understand that when she said that, I thought she was just being silly, and thus I replied with "Yeah right" accompanied by a subtle chuckle. She immediately took offense to this, though staying quiet about it. She then went, and sure enough, took 4 hours before arriving at home (with half an hour each way, this being a 3 hour visit). I want to re-iterate that I have no problem with the long visit, I would even go so far as to say I encourage it. But why get offended when I take this as humor when I've every reason to believe it is so. I could have taken it as an outright lie, but that would have been a bit presumptuous on my part. At any rate, This was only a mild annoyance, I still love her to pieces!

On the flip side, Me and my significant other are doing great, Our little one is great, And we have a friend from the USA up visiting us! We are all sharing great laughs, child raising tips, and great memories. Life is great!