Saturday, October 09, 2004

The 4 dimensions and Religeon

Someone once said to me that somewhere, some scholor and thelogin had deducted that god had left us the first 10 dimensions to explore, and the 11th is where he left as heaven and so on, now not getting into the technical aspects of 5 and up, It got me thinking, and it almost makes sence, except for one factor that doesn't quite line up. We have the ability to explore the first 3 dimensions as it is, length, width, and height. (X, Y, and Z). However the most popular (and least disproven) line of thought is that the 4th dimension is time. This seems to make perfect sence, as we are mostly 4 dimensional beings, slowly traversing the 4th dimension but withough controll of how we do so, we CAN slow it down by accellerating at a tremendous rate (as we approach the speed of light, time slows down) but that is the extend of our influence over the 4th dimension. we can move backward and forth at will within the first 3, but we cannot skip forward or backward in time. There for if god had allowed us the first 10, or even completly the first 4, we should be able to traverse time at will, or even assuming we learned to do so, then we would be able to go backward in time to meet Jesus, or go forward to visit the second coming (this also assumes that you are a follower of the christian faith, however, in order to beleive "God" gave us the first 10 to explore, this would have to be so). This doesn't make sence, why would god give us ten, when even giving us 4 would undermine his very prophecies. I am then led to assume that either the theory of giving us the first 10 to explore is false, or that the prophecy of his second coming is not based on time. (or for some, that the both of them are false). The only possible explanation would then be that he gave us them to "Explore" in that definition only. Meaning that we cannot traverse, but only sence, and view them. Even still, this would undermine the "faith without proof" concept meaning that we could See the second coming, or see backwards to his visit to earth, and Have the proof we need. I there for discount the theory that god gave us 10 dimensions to explore.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Civilized Debate VS. Insane Screaming.

Why do so many people have to scream like an amazonian Raised-by-animals nut everytime something doesn't go their way. I see no problem in simply and calmly debating a point our untill either one side is proven right, or even if it comes out unresolved, at least both people can come out of the argument without broking anything.

I'll be the first to admit I'm far from perfect, but some people can be so easilly upsettable and so violent it's disgusting. I can yell sometimes I admit, but it's very rare and it always involves either false accusation, or being slandered falsely, and after coming out of those arguments, I feel horrible for having raised my voice. So it makes me wonder what is wired so wrongly in these people's minds that makes them feel the need to scream and yell just because someone said chocolate instead of vanilla.

Someone might have just read that and thought "I yell sometimes but not over something as silly as a flavor", but what you need to understnad is there is almost NEVER a reason to yell and scream anymore. I mean sure people who constnatly interrupt you and raise THEIR voice to shut you out can be frustrating...what am I saying, BEYOND frustrating, but if you don't raise your voice, then you come out of the argument not only looking better (especially usefull in the event of an audience) but you can also just walk off in the middle of their sentance (pisses them off more then yelling back ever will) and if someone is yelling and screaming at YOU in an argument, don't yell back, because someone yelling at you is NOT going to be convinced.

Regardless, Civilised intelligent people simply follow a normal process. If something they don't like is happening, calmly and politely explain the situation and how it effects you to the other party, now I know there are a few situations where this would be stupid, but around the home, and in most situations, this is simply better, more intelligent, and ultimatly, leaves you looking better. Don't think it will work, here's a few tips, if the other person is yelling and screaming, you can simply stare at them with a look of disgust on your face, or if what they are saying is obviously wrong, or easy to disprove, laugh, giggle, even pretend like spittle just flew into the corner of your eye, these things will piss them off even more and perhaps they may get violent, if they do, and hit you, guess what, this isn't the end of the world, not only do you look better, but you now have a LEGAL EDGE over them, heck the worse they do, the better you can screw them over. Cold hard CASH!

So stop with all the yelling, petty bickering, and violence, it will only land you on the opposite end of a jailcell, or loose you most of your friends. Who knows, you might loose them to me, and I'm not much of a person, so take care, and use your brain.