Sunday, August 08, 2004

Mad Human Disease

People are always fighing one another, it seems that no one really cares about anything but themselves, and how they appear to others, becuase this facilitates their ability to steal energy from them. When you engage in a conversation, one of two things happens, you come out of it feeling either uplifted, or drained somehow. People never seem to realise that there are better things we could be doing. When you are intimate with someone, usually you both come out of it feeling uplifted and energised, that's an obvious one, what other things can you think of that give you a feeling of energy and motivation.

What gives us energy is usually quite different from one person to another, hence why we all like different kinds of music, different TV shows, websites, sports, you name it. And when someone who is drained, notices you with an abundance of energy, they have to beat you down, make you feel horrible, so they can feel better, in a sence, they have stolen your energy, and you feel compelled to insult them back and reclaim this energy. What we need to do is just build up new energy. Then there will be more of it out there, and people won't have such an epidemic of depression. In a sence, look at your friends, look at the people who make you happy in your life, Start careing about them, and when you have that down, try to care, even if only a little, about everyone.